How I get back to a bare face…

After I’m done playing in my makeup I need to make sure every speck of makeup is gone! My face for some reason doesn’t like anything on it (maybe because it’s prone to being oily)! Even using a certain facial cream for a while will cause bumps all over my face, so when I say I’m bare faced, I literally mean it, sometimes not even moisturizer. God forbid I would fall asleep with makeup on my face, my face would fight back! To ensure I’m not battling my face for weeks after playing with makeup there are a few products I trust to get every drop of makeup off my face!

The top product that I trust to remove my makeup is Clinique take the day off balm! This balm is a solid and as you spread on your face it turns to a liquid state. I like to use a cotton ball and roll it in the balm until it is coated and I rub it all over my face and you can see all the makeup on the cotton ball. Just keep applying until you see all the makeup is gone off of your face, then wash your face with your favorite cleanser and moisturize.

I honestly think it’s a great investment and not expensive at all, a 3.8 oz container only cost $29 at Macy’s, so check it out. A little of this product goes a long way, I’ve had this same container for about a year now and you can see there’s still a lot of product left (even though the words are practically worn off). This works really well for removing eye liner and mascara as well but it’s a little tricky when it comes to that eye area, so i try to be very careful and use a qtip, it works for me. Try it out and let me know how you like it.

Until next time guys….


Blogger Recognition Award…

I woke up this morning and was gladly surprised that I was nominated for a blogger recognition award. I was nominated for the blogger recognition award by TateTiffanyCaptures; TateTiffanyCaptures is a blog run by 2 sisters and they cover everything from lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. They share great OOTD posts, beauty routines and fashion inspiration. Check out their blog and follow them if you aren’t already! Thanks for the recognition guys 😊

Here are the Rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
Write a post to show your award.

Give a brief story of how your blog started.

Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.

Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

How it all started?

Well how did it start???? I always needed an outlet to share my thoughts and ideas, to give and give advice and my friend always told me to just start a blog, it wasn’t until I got engaged and all the stress and excitement of wedding planning kicked in then I officially started my blog.

Pieces Of Advice!

Just Start! The longer you put it off, the longer it takes for you to start, once you do it then it’s real, it’s there, it’s yours! So just start!
Second post frequently, and make time to blog, that’s how you put your blog out there and get seen.

I nominate the following bloggers for this award:







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Thanks again for nominating me TateTiffanyCaptures!

Beauty fail…

Hey guys!!!

If you could see me on a daily basis, you would know, I’m pretty laid back and wear ZERO makeup! But when the problem with this is on a daily basis I get mistaken for a 16 year old and not someone who’s about to get married lol, so I’ve been working on changing my look a little (VERY LITTLE). Sooo… I was browsing on youtube and watching tons of makeup tutorials and I felt that the directions are simple enough, and I should be able to recreate these looks (this is not my first time attempting this) but anyway, I FAILED once again! I don’t know why but I am incapable of successfully recreating the looks I want to achieve, I know practice makes perfect but I’m failing horribly!!!

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, maybe I just don’t have the skills for this. I am in no way shape or form trying to become a beauty guru because with the amount of time it takes me to even put foundation and concealer on, makeup will never be part of my daily routine. I just want my eyeshadow colors to stop blending in with each other and to be able to do a smoked out bottom lash line…that’s all!!! but it’s proving to be far more complicated than I thought it was…I’m satisfied with my foundation application and my eyeliner, I’m glad to say has been getting better…but that darn eye shadow uhhhh KILLING ME!!

This is what I got you can barely see a distinction in the colors…

Meanwhile I was going for a look like this that ELlarie had in her video Any tips or tricks?? let me know!! Yes I’ve heard so many times “blend” and I would like to say to that I’m trying, I’m just not entirely sure how or what I’m doing wrong. Lol

Until next time guys..


Mmmm Gucci…

Hey guys!!!

This is a follow up post. As I said in My Favorite scents are gone post, I was looking for a replacement everyday scent. My best friend told me about a newer fragrance, Gucci Bamboo and then I ran across TatetiffanyCaptures’ blog post Gucci Bamboo Perfume and I just thought I definitely have to try it out! So I went out and bought it!

The packaging was so cute, it came with the perfume, the lotion and a travel size roll on perfume. The scent is pretty light, subtly sweet, not woody or flower, just a very natural sweet, my brother claims it smells like me lol (I understand what he meant I usually gravitate to scents like this). Definitely my daily fragrance as of late, I wouldn’t say it would be the fragrance for my wedding day, still looking for that one.

I’ll have more perfumes to test out and I’ll let you know what I think.

Until next time…


Basic lazy girl….

Sooooo I’m not really the most glamorous girl, but I’ve been trying to be more into makeup and trying to be a little more fashionable lately (not making that much progress, old habits die hard).

I usually love anything that’s functional and comfortable. This Christmas my fiance gifted me with brand new stain/water resistant Uggs!! I always wanted a pair but the fact that they’re stain/water resistant makes it 10 times better, I could go out in rain or snow and not worry about having to ruin them! I’ve been wearing these Uggs practically every day since I’ve gotten them!

Recently it’s been snowing and raining almost every day so I wanted to test them out; I’ve been ankle deep in snow and rain puddles and the Uggs look the same once they are dry! Definitely love them! I’m going to have to put off being fashionable until the spring lol

I know I’m pretty late to the party but Uggs are definitely made for the lazy girl like me, so happy to have them. I just would not recommend these for traveling in slippery snow/ice conditions, it’s not the best at that. I just wish I had these in a lighter color so I could really test out the stain/water resistant technology. What do you guys think about it? All hype or better than the original Uggs?

Until next time….


Sooo… About that venue…

Good morning guys!!!

Like I said in my 240 post, this post is to update you in my venue pick!

I never saw myself having my wedding in a ballroom, it just isn’t me. I’m not the girly, glamorous, pretty sort of girl, I never saw the big ballroom party working for me. When I first got engaged, I set a budget for myself which was bout $7K-$10k, and these days weddings are a big business and the second you say wedding prices are much higher (which was killing me), so I tried to keep a smaller guest list to cut costs, but that caused so much drama at home being that I have a huge family. Even though I may not talk to all these family members, my mother does and she wanted these people invited. My mother threatened not to come to the wedding if all the family couldn’t be invited so we came to a compromise of 2 receptions, where her and my father would pay for one and I’d pay for the one without the extra people (I was not excited about this compromise because I don’t like being put on display, so 1 is ok but 2 I was not fine with, this led to the search of a venue that could accommodate 200+ guests and would not eat up half of my budget), I’m glad to say I have accomplished that task!

The only thing is, this venue used to be an old factory so the outside is a little worn down and not expected to be a wedding venue, but the inside is exactly the sort of look and feel I was going for! Everyone says “It’s your day, you only get one day, do it big”, well yeah it is my day, and I don’t like big or glamorous so I will not do it that way, despite what others may believe. Most people have told me “it’s your wedding, ignore your parents, do what you want since you’re paying for it, your parents will get over it”, well to those people yeah, I see where you’re coming from but they are my parents, they’ve supported me and been with me for 25 years and on my 1 and only wedding day I would like for them to be there and smiling instead of angry with me, so it is my choice to accommodate them in this aspect, it may not be the most glamorous wedding but I’m sure we’re still going to have a ball! I’m so happy that I finally found my venue! It’s a loft type feel, with exposed brick, rustic and minimalistic charm: 100% me! And it fell within budget, so its a YES! Now on to the next stages of the wedding planning!

This is a raw photo of the space that my reception will be held in…it’s much bigger than what’s shown in the photo.

This is a photo I saw on Pinterest and an idea of how I want the space to look…I can’t wait to see how it turns out!!! 😁

Until next time….




Pretty early to begin the countdown but that’s how many days until my wedding!! I’ve made so much progress in planning my wedding in the past 4 Months, but there’s still so much to get done. I didn’t realize how much time and effort actually went into a wedding until I actually started to plan, all the pintrest boards in the world couldn’t have prepared me for this 😩. Yes, I have a wedding planner but she’s more for coordinating and making sure everything is taken care of. As far as budget, I did mention I was trying to keep it at 10k, that number was me estimating that I would go over my 7k budget, I’m quickly approaching and will be surpassing my 10k budget pretty soon, should I expand my budget once more, like another $1500???

  • I’ve picked my venue (and I’ll tell you more about that in another post) but once that was out of the way all the wedding planning seemed to flow a lot more easier.
  • Creating a wedding registry is not at all as easy as you might think it would be (the whole process began to drive me insane, that’s how i knew I was doing it right).
  • I’ve purchased a custom made dress (I’ll also tell you more about that in a later post)
  • Catering is proving to be one of the most expensive costs for this wedding and is the item that might put me over my budget, but a caterer has been chosen and I’m very optimistic on how the food will turn out.
  • Photography and Cinematography , yet another expensive item but I do want really nice pictures to remember my wedding day, why have the wedding if you’re not going to have the pictures to remember it by???

Items still left to get done are as follows:

Save the dates, Cake and desert items, bridesmaids attire, groom and groomsmen attire, invites, bouquets, hair, makeup, jewelry, shoes, and venue decor..that’s all I can remember right now.

Some of that stuff is still not accounted for in the budget that’s why I’m considering increasing my budget a little more or might have to get creative..Should I increase the budget? What do you guys think???

Until next time guys….

Happy New Year!!!

Hey guys!!!! 

I wanted to wish you all a happy new year, take this new year as all the opportunities you’ve ever needed! Be more open and accepting to new things! Try being a little kinder to others, try being understanding and most important strive to achieve happiness! Once you achieve happiness everything else is easier to deal with!

I don’t really do resolutions but I do have a few goals I want to try this new year!

  1. Take on a vegan diet for at least a month 
  2. Take a real estate course and become a licensed real estate agent
  3. Keep up with my blogging schedule
  4. Practice healthy hair habits (not use so much heat)

What are some of your goals this year!

Until next time guys…

Last minute target makeup haul

Yesterday I was invited to a Holiday party,  and at the last minute I received the memo that it was an ugly sweater party but I was already out for the day only dressed in a tshirt and jeans as per usual. So last minute I make a run to target and they have no more ugly sweaters, so I decided I should dress up my face instead.

Since it was last minute, and just needed the makeup for the one night, I didn’t want to spend a fortune on makeup! My total was about $36 most of that went to the lipsticks which were about $6 a piece thanks to my indecisiveness 🙃

I got the following:

  • Maybeline fit me foundation in color Mocha which I already own and love!
  • Maybeline cholosal lash mascara which really made my lashes look thicker so I love for the last minute buy
  • Elf eyeliner pen…ehhh with this I pretty much got what I paid for, but it did the job
  • Elf full face brush…wasn’t really the best for applying foundation but did the job 
  • NYX butter lipstick in color Moonlit Night …this feels so smooth and buttery on my lips and it’s a nice deep wine color perfect for the holiday season 
  • NYX lingerie liquid lipstick in color Ruffle Trim….I’m a darker girl and I would love a nude color lipstick but it never works out, this one was too light for me 
  • NYX lingerie liquid lipstick in color Teddy…This one blended in with my complexion so it seemed like my lips were camflauged lol

Just so you can see what the lipstick colors looked like on me I’ve added swatches.

I always thought swatches were silly until now lol they really put stuff in perspective. And you can really see how the color teddy just blended in with my complexion. I’m not really a big make up girl, but when I find something I like I tend to stick to it. With that being said I love the NYX butter lipstick and I would definitely get more if I find a color I like.

If anyone can suggest a great looking nude lipstick/lip gloss I would love to try it out because that’s the look I’ll be going for on my wedding day! As for the other 2 liquid lipsticks I’ll be giving them to my friend Yvana, you’ve probably seen her YouTube page Thee Mademoiselle, the only make up she wears is lipstick so if she doesn’t have these colors they’re hers!

Until next time guys….

Let this be the moment now….

I’ve started writing this post since last week and just got so busy I never got around to finishing it….until today!!! Just a few thoughts that’s been weighing heavily on my mind lately with all that’s been going in this world.

We live in a world where, for the most part, we are only concerned with ourselves and what is happening around us. We don’t really concern ourselves with what’s happening half way across the world, and why should you?? This world is tearing itself apart, as a whole we are in great need for some healing and peace on earth, let that peace begin with you (I know that was corny but it’s so true, this makes the title so much more corny now too 😂).

I know how easy it is to only be consumed with what’s going on in your immediate ‘world’. This is the perfect time to reflect and start thinking about how much better off you are than so many others and just how blessed you really are.

This is a reminder to be a little kinder to those around you because you never really know what someone is going through. Pray for those you never see, the ones that may be having a tough time, the ones who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Take this holiday season to be a little more mindful of everyone you come in contact with, and just think a little more about the effects your kindness can have on a person.

You may not think your kind words or your smile will do much but that just might be all a person needs to get through their day, and that in turn might make them act a little kinder to someone in their lives.

Just a little something to think about.

Until next time guys….