What’s on my skin???

This is a quick post but very important, I’m sharing the 3 moisturizers I use on my skin especially during the warmer months when I’m showing lots of skin.

Here we go…

1. Jergens – Original Scent body lotion!

It does it’s job and it smells amazing!!! 🙌🏾

2. Aveeno active naturals – skin relief nourishing coconut 

This is a light scent, light weight product, very moisturizing and gentle enough that I even use it on my face! It’s my favorite of the 3 and it works for me.

3. Aveeno active naturals – daily moisturizing lotion 

Very moisturizing, still light weight but I wouldn’t use it on my face.

All these lotions range from $6.99 – $8.99. The Aveeno active naturals – skin relief nourishing coconut would be the more expensive of the 3 since it is smaller and cost around $9 but it’s worth it.

Let me know what you’re using on your skin!

Is the over hyped product always the Best Buy??

I don’t religiously wear make up but I’m very big on staying moistureized (lips and skin). With that being said I always have some form of lip product on me and I’ve tried a lot! 

Sometimes you feel compelled to try the new product you’re seeing advertised everywhere, well at least I do, I know I have a problem 😩

I’ve tried soooo many lip products and I can tell you many of them are not worth the buy! I’ll review the top 3 lip products I religiously purchased.

1st we have the EOS brand lip balm. The EOS lip balm can range anywhere from $2.99 to $3.99 depending on where you go, I personally have never purchased an EOS lip balm for less than $3. The EOS brand is the product I’ve seen the most advertisements for and I would say the least effective of the 3 lip balms I have listed here, and I also noticed my lips peeled more when I used it so I switched to the next brand.

2nd we have the Burt’s Bees brand lip balm. The Burt’s Bees brand ranges from $3 to $4, pretty much priced around the same as EOS. I’ve seen quite a bit of advertising for Burt’s Bees but not as much as I’ve seen for EOS. I liked the Burt’s Bees better because it didn’t cause my lips to peel as much as the EOS brand did and I loved the scents. I still found myself applying the balm multiple times a day.

3rd we have Chapstick brand lip balm. The particular lip balm I bought from this line was a newer product and was priced at 2 for $3, making the Chapstick the most affordable product here. Chapstick is also the brand I’ve seen the least advertisements for. At most I applied the Chapstick twice a day. 

Overall I’d say the most advertised product was not the best and from now on I’ll be buying Chapstick brand until I find something better.

What are some of your experiences???

The top 3 mascaras I swear by

I’m not a big makeup wearer, just some foundation, eyeliner (if I remember), and MASCARA!

I’ve noticed from experience that mascara really changes your look and make your eyes more noticeable.

I have very thin eyelashes that are practically unnoticeable and these are 3 mascaras that I use and love the way it makes my lashes look!

1. Better than sex mascara by Too Faced

This mascara is amazing, it separates your lashes and coating them with the collagen mascara and gives the illusion that your lashes are thicker and fuller. This ranges for about $12 at Macy’s or Ulta. This is definitely worth the price because it will last almost all day.

2.  Colossal Volum Express by Maybeline 

This separates the lashes and make the lashes look fuller and longer. This is less expensive than the Too Faced Mascara coming in at only $6.99 and you can find it at any drug store.

3. Definicils by Lancôme 

The bristles on this mascara resembles much like the Too Faced Mascara and performs pretty similarly. It separates the lashes together for a more voluminous look and makes the lashes look elongated. This is more of a higher brand cosmetic line so comes in as the highest priced on my list ranging from $27.50 at Macy’s, Ulta, or Sephora.

Give them a try and let me know how they work for you guys!

Until next time guys….

Congratulations to the graduates 

It’s that time again! Graduation season is coming around! School is one of the hardest jobs a kid has, and it’s a great accomplishment to finally say that you are graduating!

This post is to say congratulations to all the graduates middle school, high school, college, grad school….whatever you are graduating from congratulations!!! You made it! Keep pushing for your next goal.

Now the fun part, highlighting 3 of the cutest graduation caps I’ve seen on Instagram…. here we go 😁

 This cap is by @Pattymaeonnaise it’s just so pretty and witty since her last name is Onday…congratulations!!!

This cap is by @Olushola_ who studies architecture interior design, and that green and white boy is just the perfect touch to display her Nigerian culture …congratulations!!!

This cap is a favorite of mine because I love Harry Potter!!! Made by @life_slaver…congratulations 

And congratulations to all the graduates!! You made it 👏🏽👏🏽

Brave and Reckless’Advice for New WordPress Bloggers– Part 1

Very helpful advice and tips for new bloggers

Brave and Reckless

It wasn’t so long ago that I was a brand new blogger at WordPress. I started my blog at the beginning of October with no real goals in mind other than making one particular piece of writing publicly available for sharing. I chose WordPress because we use it at work and several friends spoke highly of the community.  It wasn’t until I saw my first piece of original writing on my blog that I started thinking what next?

I knew nothing about blogging. But I did know that all communities have their own unique culture and through a combination of trial and error, generous mentors and reading several really good guides to WordPress, I found my footing here. This past weekend I hit 500 followers.  I remain just as flattered today that someone has read and responded to my writing as I did the first time.

Recently I have had numerous…

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It’s all over Facebook but is it worth the buy???

Every curly haired girl loves the flexibility to change up their hairstyles with curly styles or even going straight; so when we are presented with a product that will make straightening your hair easier without damaging your curls, it just seems too good to be true.

I’ve seen so many videos about E’Tae naturals products and I wanted to know if it truly worked as well as it’s portrayed in the videos. So I took on the challenge and purchased the products and tried it for myself. The products are a a little on the pricey side so I did some research and found out which actually do the bulk of the work (and that’s all I purchased). When companies make products they formalize the line to work best together, but I’m not so worried about that because I thought the replacements I used were pretty close in ingredients, but if you don’t care about the price go ahead and buy the whole line. The two most valuable products to me are the caramelux treatment and the butter shine, the shampoo and conditioner are not as important you can substitute for treseme or something.

The overall attractions


  • These products are some of the most natural products I’ve seen: the ingredients list is stuff you can probably find in your kitchen or easily buy at your grocery store
  • The caramelux treatment is used before shampooing and softens your hair even before the wash process and makes styling easier (this in my opinion is the most important of all the products)
  • The butter shine was more of a heat protectant and gives your hair a nice shine and moisturizes your hair
  • Because of how natural they are, these products can be used on all hair types, curly or straight, before straightening or curly styles, and even on kids hair.

The cons
These cons might not be big cons to some, but just some things I observed.

  • Because of the ingredients in the caramelux treatment (molasses,honey,caramel) this product gets a little sticky
  • Because of the natural ingredients the butter shine gives off a strong smell of rosemary so if you don’t like the smell you might not like this

I tried these products so that you wouldn’t have to, but if you really want to give it a try and let me know what you think!